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Tournament Features

Give your cricket tournament a global presence View screen shots

Crickees help you get your cricket tournament a global presence through its premier cricket tournament hosting solution. You can add players, matches and tournaments in no time by its user-friendly interface. Crickees offers advanced features like live update, weather update, audio-video uploading etc.

Live Updates

Crickees provide the simplest method of updating the live scores from a cricket ground. If you have a GPRS enabled phone, then you can update the scores even through your mobile phone.

Manage Scorecard

Crickees provides the most comfortable scorecard for updating your tournament's scores. Once you select the players from a team, select their batting & bowling positions and enter their scores, you are done!

Automated Statistics

In Crickees, you don’t have to calculate the runs scored, average or strike-rate. All you have to do is to enter the scorecard. Once that is done, the statistics are ready, so is the net-runrate and other calculations.

Manage Teams

Adding a team to your tournament is pretty simple in Crickees. In a few steps, you can complete the process. First add the team’s name, logo and then select the group if it is applicable.

Manage Players

Adding players is a tedious job in a cricket tournament and Crickees makes it a simple task with its friendly interface. In a few minutes, you can add players with their name, role and photograph.

Manage Matches

Crickees helps you to add/edit match details and set the match time in local time zone and also in GMT for your global audience. This feature enables you to avoid calculating GMT manually.

Tournament Venue

Crickees provides tournament venue with Google maps and Live Weather updates. This will help the players to know about the weather conditions and formulate strategies based on that. Google Maps will help the players and spectators to reach the venue without any hassle.

Cricket News

The news section helps the tournament organizers to post the latest news pertaining to the tournament. This can be preview of forthcoming matches, review of concluded matches or about notable achievements. Users are allowed to post their comments or reply to another person’s comment.

Cricket Talk

This is a perfect platform for players and officials to express their opinion about the tournament, a particular match or players' performance.

The comprehensive gallery in Crickees tournament hosting solution helps the users to add the pictures related to the tournament with ease. Crickees will provide a flckr™ ID, through which users can upload images and add description to it. The images will be automatically updated in the tournament website.


The automated standings helps teams from the hassle of calculating net-runrate manually, which is an uphill task. Once the scorecard is updated, the net-runrate will be shown automatically in the Standings.


Blogs are considered as the latest trend in communicating with the world. Blog is an inbuilt feature in the Crickees tournament hosting package. This is an excellent platform for the players, officials and spectators to write about the tournament or about cricket in general.

Simple Admin Page

Managing a cricket tournament is pretty simple in the Crickees tournament hosting solution. All you have to do is select and make the changes in the appropriate section. A user with basic computer knowledge can manage the tournament website easily.