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Why India can’t produce genuine fast bowlers?   Bookmark and Share

Posted by Kiran Narendran
on February 11th, 2010

The bowling speed of the players who compete in the Duleep Trophy is a clear indication to India’s lack of ‘fast bowlers’ in the domestic circuit, despite having a state-of-the-art pace bowling academy in the form of MRF Pace Foundation. During the Duleep Trophy final, none of the bowlers could clock above 130 KMPH. Irfan Pathan, though picked up 5 wickets in the first innings, was bowling around the 110 – 125 mark. Dawal Kulkarni was bowling around 115-120 KMPH, though he swings the ball laterally. Shane Watson and Jaques Kaliis, the best allrounders of present, bowls at 140 mark. So What’s the real problem with the Indian bowlers .Let’s see some of the common issues.
‘Lifeless’ wickets
This has been a real problem for the fast bowlers, right from the legendary Kapil Dev. When India prepares for a test match, the first instruction given to the curator is to make a strip that turns from day 1. For that you really need a curator? Avoid rolling for a week and make it a dust bowl. It will have variable bounce and will turn sharply from day1. Winning in these kind of wickets will earn any appreciation?, rather the ground will be blacklisted and will be stripped off from conducting further test matches. When India outplayed the Aussies at the Perth in 2008, it was acclaimed as India’s one of the greatest win. Why it was considered like that? Simply because, It was played on one of the quickest and bounciest wicket on earth. So it is pretty clear that the temperament of team will only be tested, when they play on a sportive wicket. For a fast bowler, nothing more is annoying and demoralizing than playing on a wicket where the ball doesn’t bounce above the knee-roll. So, when you prepare decks that wont bounce and are graveyards for fast bowlers, then how can you develop genuine quicks?

Too many matches
Fast bowlers are prone to injury than spinners and slow bowlers. So we have to use them wisely and make sure that they get sufficient rest. Australia, now, have 8 fast bowlers in the reckoning, whom can be rotated. All these 8 bowlers have the ability to bowl at more than 145 KMPH. See the case of India. They have just 4 or 5 guys that too only 2-3 guys with some international exposure and the other factor is that India plays more international cricket than any other team! The result is India carrying a team of fatigued and injured bowlers, who are forced to play again and again despite being unfit.

So, If we have to come up with genuine fast bowlers, then we will have take a closer look at these factors and take necessary decisions. BCCI has ample money to provide facilities so it is up to them to make a move, otherwise we will be forced to go back to that time, where part-time bowlers ball with new-ball to take off the shine in the ball, before the spinners are introduced.

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4 Responses to “Why India can’t produce genuine fast bowlers?”

  1. chennai sun says:

    hi raj,,all what you say is exactly correct..the simple reason is bcci\’s unwillingness to foster the art of fast bowling in local circuit..may be you can yourself try becoming a fast bowler

  2. manish verma says:

    the main problem is we dont focus on our domestic structure, n condition of domestic wickets,in india we think we made turny, n spinny track , n its gives us a gurantee of victory in india, this is the main reason,we should not produce a quality fast bowler,

  3. pavan says:

    Fast bowling means genuine quick as everybody knows which India can’t produce. Apart from Javagal Srinath, no bowler has bowled at more than 135 Kmph till the end of his career. BCCI is not interested in producing quality bowlers at all. All you get is dead tracks or fearsome turners from day one. Even if there is a promising youngster, his speed is killed and will be asked to bowl medium pace at 110-125. So, unless BCCI prepares lively sporting tracks, true fastbowler is only a dream. See the case of Ishant Sharma, latest example to sacrifice speed for obvious reasons. The best would be fast medium bowler who can bowl consistently between 135-140 and outside SubContinent @ 145. He can last longer atleast for 10 years.

  4. raj says:

    I really want to see some good fast bowlers who can bowl at 140kmph+ speed consistently thruout there career i want to see manpreet gony,atul sharma he is guy being trained in usA and Kamram Khan of rajasthan Royals to be trained in such a way ask them to bowl only raw pace at around 140+KMPH without any swing and length so it can distrub the batsmen…..train these three bowlers and make them specialist only t20 not for any other format and make them stronger and stronger……..that is what bcci have to do…………shameless BCCI they just make money nothing much give a chance to trainee only 5 bowlers i will make them the world fastest bowlers and world will say india also have fastest bowlers…..i m serious give me one year time i will shape them into fine bowlers………..the 5 bowlers i pick are Manpreet gony,Kamram Khan,Atul Sharma ,Abhimanyu mithun,VRV singh….give me a chance i will make them a star in indian cricket

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