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Tendulkar puts Youngsters to Shame   Bookmark and Share

Posted by Susan Rony
on September 15th, 2009

When Sachin Tendulkar bats like he did at the final match of the Compaq Cup, you can only sit back and enjoy it. The few who might have doubts that Tendulkar was beginning to rust would have to look the other way. The master blaster showed yesterday that he has absolutely no rust and no plans of slowing down as well.

During the post match interview yesterday, Tendulkar looked delighted and he had every reason to be. When asked about his body was holding up he replied that the body was holding up pretty well in spite of a few cramps and stuff. He has the payers of millions that his body continues to hold up as he goes on to conquer many many more records.

Ian Bishop’s comment at the end of the tournament really had me thinking. He said Tendulkar has only few demons to battle in his mind. It is very rarely that you would see a player sharing light talk with the opposition team’s players after the match. However Sachin has no qualms about doing chit chat with players from any team. This is an indication of his cool and composed nature. He keeps himself out of controversies which seem to be quite difficult for the likes of Harbhajan, Sreesanth and Symonds.

All in all, words cannot describe Sachin Tendulkar. He truly is a model for young and old alike. I guess we can take pride in the fact that we lived in the same era as him.

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One Response to “Tendulkar puts Youngsters to Shame”

  1. Rohith says:

    The man who inspires the youngsters most could not puts them to shame. Sachin is the leading motivating factor in the Indian team, so the youngsters have to learn a lot from him rather than being shame.

    How cum it is possible to inspire them without these kind of fine innings?

    Also please consider the series win as a team effort. Was it possible to bring the cup home without harbhajans 5/56 spell, Yuvaraj’s 50 from 39 balls(which is the fastest among in the series),and so many …? They also deserves the credit, not sachin only.

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