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Imagine Umpires in Helmets

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

It must be pretty awkward to imagine umpires in helmets. But safety comes first before sixes and fours and one can truly empathize with the umpires for wanting to wear helmets on the field.  It must be time to say goodbye to the good old umpire hat.

The T20 cricket, introduced to deliver fast paced, exciting cricket has raised safety concerns for the umpires. They feel that they can no longer be defenseless on the field. Imagine Mathew Hayden charging down the pitch and hammering the ball straight down the ground. The umpire has every chance of being hit if he doesn’t duck in time.

Daryl Harper has voiced his opinion of wanting to wear a helmet while officiating in Twenty20 games. According to him, in one of the recent IPL 2009 games, one of Sanath Jayasuriya’s shot hit him so hard that he felt breathless for a while. And Hayden’s hits seem to have brushed his ears a few times as well.

In fact some of the other umpires he spoke to were also of the same opinion, he said.

He feels that the pace and the force with which some of the players hit the shots has made the umpiring job really dangerous. And they have no choice but to take the necessary precautions.

Well, one cannot help but agree, given the fabulous form of players like Hayden, Gilchrist and Raina.

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