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IPL 2010 – Truly Global

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

As the players auction concluded , we are all set to see the 3rd edition of Indian Premier league embark on. Lalit Modi has made a giant leap in pursuit of making the IPL a global event, by singing a 2 year deal with the Google-owned YouTube. As per this deal, YouTube users can see the live streaming of IPL 2010 through internet. This will also enable the UK spectators to see the IPL, as they would have missed the action due to television rights disputes.

The snubbing of the Pakistani players has sent a strong signal across the cricketing globe that, the players cant take the IPL for granted. If they are willing to lay majority of the matches, then they will get  contract. Many Australian players lost the contact due to this and Pakistanis lost it due to the animosity among the two nations.

So, after all the auction and broadcasting drama, the stage has set for breathtaking season of the Indian Premier League. Shane Bond is coming for his maiden IPL year, so is Keron Pollard. There are lot of quality bowlers and hard-hitting batsmen in this years IPL and we hope we will witness some scintillating matches like in 2008 and 2009.

T20 World Cup is near

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Now it’s the season for T20 world cup matches. The day at which we are eagerly looking into, is June 5th, the inauguration day of the world cup.

There is a talk that the spirit of T20 world cup has been struck down by the IPL matches. This may be because the IPL was conducted with high promotions and lots of advertisements. It attracted people from all over the world, since it is the second largest “money making” sport.

Anyway, this T20 world cup will be of the same importance for Indians as they are the current champions. Let’s have a look at the T20 schedule:

Imagine Umpires in Helmets

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

It must be pretty awkward to imagine umpires in helmets. But safety comes first before sixes and fours and one can truly empathize with the umpires for wanting to wear helmets on the field.  It must be time to say goodbye to the good old umpire hat.

The T20 cricket, introduced to deliver fast paced, exciting cricket has raised safety concerns for the umpires. They feel that they can no longer be defenseless on the field. Imagine Mathew Hayden charging down the pitch and hammering the ball straight down the ground. The umpire has every chance of being hit if he doesn’t duck in time.

Daryl Harper has voiced his opinion of wanting to wear a helmet while officiating in Twenty20 games. According to him, in one of the recent IPL 2009 games, one of Sanath Jayasuriya’s shot hit him so hard that he felt breathless for a while. And Hayden’s hits seem to have brushed his ears a few times as well.

In fact some of the other umpires he spoke to were also of the same opinion, he said.

He feels that the pace and the force with which some of the players hit the shots has made the umpiring job really dangerous. And they have no choice but to take the necessary precautions.

Well, one cannot help but agree, given the fabulous form of players like Hayden, Gilchrist and Raina.

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The antics of the Fake IPL Player

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Kolkata Knight Riders have begun the IPL Season II on a rather tumultuous note, firstly having sacked Sourav Ganguly as captain and most recently having packed several players back home.

To add to its miseries, a blogger who goes by the name of “Fake IPL Player” claims to provide the inside scoop on KKR. The public are enjoying every bit of the scoop and are begging for more.

The blogger who is yet to be identified has 3382 followers at present and his posts have comments running into thousands! His blog posts have quite an appealing nature to all gossip lovers.

The revelations in the blogs prove that he is a member of the team or at least someone having close relationship with the team. There have been no leads so far on who this mysterious blogger is.

Until he is nabbed and debarred from exposing the team further, the cricket crazy, gossip loving fans will have a gala time at the expense of KKR.

There is no doubt as to who the real beneficiary is amidst all this furore. All the publicity – good or bad is doing very good for the IPL!  Lalit Modi & Co. would certainly not mind the fake IPL player continue blogging till the end of IPL 2009.

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