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Pakistan – On the road to recovery?   Bookmark and Share

Posted by Susan Rony
on April 23rd, 2009

I cannot recollect any major cricket team which in recent times has been through as many painful experiences as the Pakistan Cricket Team. The country seems to be dogged by trouble perennially and trouble seems to be part and parcel of Pakistan cricket too.

As much as they are our arch rivals, I can’t help but feel sorry for the Pakistan team and wish that they come out from the mess and turmoil that they are in.

The recently started ODI series against Australia has given a glimmer of hope to Pakistan. The four-wicket win against a struggling Australian side in Dubai would definitely have boosted their confidence. Shahid Afridi single handedly steered Pakistan to record their first win in the series.

Will Australia make a comeback? The second best team in the world is a force to compete with and they are sure to come back in full swing.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy the rest of the matches and see the best team win!

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