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ERRAND OF A COACH   Bookmark and Share

Posted by Ganu
on November 4th, 2009

What enters into the preamble of the role of a coach? How it is effective in the slice of sports and games? What is the real indication of a tutor and the way of his instruction to the pupils? All the above interrogations are often coming to mind of people who are involved in the field of sports and games. While we are instructing something about sports and games, a coach should be aware of the morrow of that particular game and he should have penchant on that game.

A real Coach should be a very good Communicator for providing clear instruction and feedback to the team and Individual players. Coach should be a good Teacher for developing the players’ skills and team tactics. Coach should be a very good Motivator for maintaining and controlling interest in players. Coach should be a very good Leader for organizing training, match day activities. Coach should be a very good Psychologist for dealing with various individual’s need and team. Coach should be a very good Manager for dealing with a wide range of players, officials and supporters. Coach should be a very good Sports supporter for developing fitness programs, injury prevention, care and management. Coach should be a very good Selector for selecting the team to best represent the club. Coach should be a very good Student for seeking continually to upgrade his knowledge of the game. Coach should be a very good Public Relations Expert for representing the club at official functions and community activities. Furthermore, there are some fundamental qualities of a coach viz; respect the individual, should have professionalism, capabilities to keep goal setting, using assistants, should have virtual planning for the preparation of innovative sessions, responsible for safety & fitness, should keep communication with learners, should have player discipline, should have potentialities for developing team spirit, should have ability to praising players’ responsibilities and skills, and capability to sustain team plan etc.. Moreover, a coach should summaries key points learnt from the exercise and encourage further practice.

It is a rhythm of coach that he never ever be a negative character or possessing discouraging attitude. Normal theory is that a coach should merely love the game and his players. It is not in a way of compelling students to improve their game and spirit. Real coach should express his views and skills and convert it into the mind of his/her students. Never ever use any abusing language in front of any learners, never demoralize any learner and do not create any misbehaving situations. Praise well, treat well and love them always, so that he could create a quality sportsman or a sportswoman.

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