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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

What enters into the preamble of the role of a coach? How it is effective in the slice of sports and games? What is the real indication of a tutor and the way of his instruction to the pupils? All the above interrogations are often coming to mind of people who are involved in the field of sports and games. While we are instructing something about sports and games, a coach should be aware of the morrow of that particular game and he should have penchant on that game.

A real Coach should be a very good Communicator for providing clear instruction and feedback to the team and Individual players. Coach should be a good Teacher for developing the players’ skills and team tactics. Coach should be a very good Motivator for maintaining and controlling interest in players. Coach should be a very good Leader for organizing training, match day activities. Coach should be a very good Psychologist for dealing with various individual’s need and team. Coach should be a very good Manager for dealing with a wide range of players, officials and supporters. Coach should be a very good Sports supporter for developing fitness programs, injury prevention, care and management. Coach should be a very good Selector for selecting the team to best represent the club. Coach should be a very good Student for seeking continually to upgrade his knowledge of the game. Coach should be a very good Public Relations Expert for representing the club at official functions and community activities. Furthermore, there are some fundamental qualities of a coach viz; respect the individual, should have professionalism, capabilities to keep goal setting, using assistants, should have virtual planning for the preparation of innovative sessions, responsible for safety & fitness, should keep communication with learners, should have player discipline, should have potentialities for developing team spirit, should have ability to praising players’ responsibilities and skills, and capability to sustain team plan etc.. Moreover, a coach should summaries key points learnt from the exercise and encourage further practice.

It is a rhythm of coach that he never ever be a negative character or possessing discouraging attitude. Normal theory is that a coach should merely love the game and his players. It is not in a way of compelling students to improve their game and spirit. Real coach should express his views and skills and convert it into the mind of his/her students. Never ever use any abusing language in front of any learners, never demoralize any learner and do not create any misbehaving situations. Praise well, treat well and love them always, so that he could create a quality sportsman or a sportswoman.

Tendulkar puts Youngsters to Shame

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

When Sachin Tendulkar bats like he did at the final match of the Compaq Cup, you can only sit back and enjoy it. The few who might have doubts that Tendulkar was beginning to rust would have to look the other way. The master blaster showed yesterday that he has absolutely no rust and no plans of slowing down as well.

During the post match interview yesterday, Tendulkar looked delighted and he had every reason to be. When asked about his body was holding up he replied that the body was holding up pretty well in spite of a few cramps and stuff. He has the payers of millions that his body continues to hold up as he goes on to conquer many many more records.

Ian Bishop’s comment at the end of the tournament really had me thinking. He said Tendulkar has only few demons to battle in his mind. It is very rarely that you would see a player sharing light talk with the opposition team’s players after the match. However Sachin has no qualms about doing chit chat with players from any team. This is an indication of his cool and composed nature. He keeps himself out of controversies which seem to be quite difficult for the likes of Harbhajan, Sreesanth and Symonds.

All in all, words cannot describe Sachin Tendulkar. He truly is a model for young and old alike. I guess we can take pride in the fact that we lived in the same era as him.

Sprighty Bangladesh Dump Mediocre West Indies

Monday, July 13th, 2009

After toiling for four years, Bangladesh finally sealed their second test win yesterday. They played against a weak West Indies side, whose top players had opted out due to contract issues. It can be argued that Bangladesh managed to defeat a team with 9 new faces, but we should not forget the performance put in by them. They were clinical right throughout the match.

West Indies on the other hand looked sub standard after the exit of their key players and found it hard to build a momentum in the match. After being bowled out for 345 runs, Bangladesh held the Windies batsmen with top class spin bowling from Mahmudullah and Shakib Al Hasan. Mahmudullah claimed 5 wickets en route to this career-best of 5/51 and compiled 8 wickets in the match. Apart from David Bernad, none of the West Indian batsmen showed the patience of batting the whole day and eventually they were bowled out for 181 runs.

This victory will definitely be a confidence booster for Bangladesh, which is desperately looking for a feat after earning a Super Eight berth in the 2007 World Cup.

Will Freddie Make The Cut?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The summer of 2005 will be known for ‘Freddie’ Flintoff’s staggering performance against the mighty Aussies, which helped the English to reclaim the Ashes urn after a very long time. When the Ashes comes back to the home of cricket after a gap of 4 years, Flintoff is nursing a knee surgery, which he sustained during the IPL in South Africa. This injury ruined England’s chances at the ICC World T20, in which they were knocked out at the Super Eight stage. 

Regardless of his patchy batting form since 2005, Andrew Flintoff has evolved as the strike bowler of England after the disappearance of Simon Jones; who had deceived the Aussies with his sorcerous reverse swing. Flintoff couldn’t manage to get a single international century after 2005 but he has launched several breathtaking assaults during this period. He has clocked 140k’s consistently with steep bounce, which halted several greats.

The availability of Andrew Flintoff for the Ashes remains still uncertain. Currently, it would be an even contest on papers based on the form of both teams. If he plays, then England will have an apparent edge over Australia, which will set the stands on fire. England is desperately looking for a triumph which can repair their tainted image caused by the early exit from the T20 World Cup held in their home soil.

In quest for the urn

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

The ‘Invincible’ tag was a part of the Australian team till the start of the T20 World cup in England but it was tainting. The exit from the first round of the tournament was probably the last nail in the coffin for the world conquerors. They lack the ruthlessness and professionalism, which had put them at the helm of cricket for a decade and the likes of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne in the bowling and Mathew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist in batting. An encore of 2006 Ashes would be hard; nevertheless they are a strong side who has the potency to defend the ashes urn successfully.

Bunch of rookies

Compared to the squad of 2006, the present Australian team is infused with lot of young talents. The farewell of the greats like McGrath, Warne, Hayden and Gilchrist was instrumental behind this. Phil Hughes was the biggest beneficiary of this transition as he was lucky to get the baggy green at the age of 20, which we can’t see very often in the Australian cricket. Hughes embarked on his test career with a glittering performance against the South African’s, which cemented his place in the Ashes Squad. It is too early to make judgment on his talent and temperament but still he is a future prospect. The next in the list is Marcus North. He has also shown a glimpse of talent against South Africa in the test series with his all-round abilities. He can be a good replacement for Andrew Symonds, who lost his place in the team due to lack of focus on cricket. North needs to put in some real performances in the current ashes to prove the selectors that they aren’t wrong. Andrew McDonald, Ben Hilfenhaus, Graham Manou and Peter Siddle are the other blokes who are waiting to make an impact the Ashes.

Lonely Johnson

It would be a dream come true for Mitchell Johnson as he spearheads the Australian pace attack, where Brett Lee struggling to get back in to his rhythm and Shane Watson nursing a thigh injury. If fit, then Brett Lee would certainly make it to the final XI however, Ricky Ponting wouldn’t be that confident after his lackluster opening spell in the warm up match against Sussex. Peter Siddle, Ben Hilfenhaus and Stuart Clark will compete for the third seamer’s position and Nathan Hauritz will come in to the reckoning, if there is something for the slow bowlers. Shortly, Mitchell Johnson will have to take the responsibility of making early inroads in to England’s top order.

Hauritz ≠ Warne

Ricky Ponting is aware of the fact that they lack a spinner of Warne’s quality; however it would be harsh to compare Hauritz to Warne. The simple reason is that Shane Warne is arguably the best spinner cricket has ever produced and Hauritz is an average leg spinner, who doesn’t have the sorcerous abilities of Shane Warne. If Ponting uses him as a leg spinner rather than as a replacement for Warne, then he won’t be disappointed.

Apart from all the aforesaid factors, Ricky Ponting’s form as a captain and batsman will play an important role in this Ashes. He has got more responsibly alongside Michael Clark and Michael Hussey to put a good score for his inexperienced bowlers to defend. His captaincy is definitely at stake after the T20 World Cup debacle and if he couldn’t successfully defend the urn then this ashes would sing the farewell song of Ricky’s captaincy.

India bouncing up with the ‘bounce’..??

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

India managed to survive with a win against the Windies, despite being scared a bit by the Caribbean lower order..thanks to the slamming stroke play of Yuvi and the experience of Ashish Nehra, who bowled wonderfully well in the deaths. Team India had been in the middle of so many troubles since the IPL season. There were so many talks about the ‘failed’ tactics, the form of the skipper and Ishant, poor fielding, lack of motivation, absence of the one and only Sehwag, Ravindra Jadeja’s 25 out of 35 and many more. Their thirst for a win was quenched and it eases away some pressure.

However, if we look at the Indian top order especially Gambhir, Rohit n Raina, their problem with the short pitched deliveries still persist. I mean I don’t know why they are attempting to play the very same shot that repeatedly cost them their wicket. They are just poor ‘hookers’ of the cricket ball thanks to their ‘sub continent’ ancestry. Well may be we can make Sachin and Laxman exceptions from that list.

Gary Kirsten has a lot of work to do now. He needs to make the Indian players adjust with the conditions in West Indies which are more challenging than the Subcontinent conditions. The practice sessions must include the training to use the backfoot properly. The mistake they are making is that for reducing the effect of the swing of the deliveries, front foot often comes into play and they are not moving the backfoot backward while attempting to ‘hook’ and finally perishes at the square leg often. To hook without a ‘top edge’ is a difficult shot to make and needs excessive skill. Team India must tackle with those angling across balls ‘coz the wickets are a bit slow and the Windies pace attack can pepper them with those nasty deliveries.

Lets watch and see India bounce on top!

Dhoni to be blamed?

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

The T20 World Cup ’09 was a disappointing tournament for the Indian fans. The expectations were at the peak. But the unexpected early knockout of the Indian team really made the fans show off their anger.

Winning and loosing are all parts of the game, like two sides of a coin. When we toss the coin, we can’t predict which side will come up. The same is the case with cricket; especially the T20 version.

But let us take a look at it from media perspective. Media has come up with a discussion on “Who is to be blamed for the failure?”. This kind of discussion, although not necessary, will help to identify the pros and cons of the team.

There are many hot discussions going on. The most common one is, whether the skipper has to be blamed for his poor performance and co-ordination. As we all know, Dhoni is a talented player and very efficient as a skipper. But this time, he had a clash with the media on Sehwag’s much spoken injury. Many senior players have come up with the opinion that Dhoni needs to manage the media with more care. This incident might have indeed made some sparks inside the dressing room, which in turn made the players to deviate from the game.

Another hot discussion is on Sehwag’s absence. Many questions arise on this context. How much did India miss Virender Sehwag, with the kind of opening and the spontaneous start he gives? Did his injury bring down the confidence level in the team? India did not have an alternate option on who could give a sparkling start to the Indian innings together with Gambhir?

The after-effects of IPL matches is yet another important aspect. The players could have been drained and tired after the IPL as matches were played on consecutive days with a total of 59 matches! This can be considered a reason for the world cup failure indeed. But still, a vital question arises. What about the players in the other winning teams, as most of them have also played in IPL? Many players are of the opinion that IPL matches gave them a real opportunity to tune their strengths for the world cup.

Anyway, India’s T20 world cup dreams for the year 2009 has come to an end. Still we can hope(as usual) that they will come back with real energy for the upcoming West Indies tour and the biggy, ICC world cup.

Choices Galore For Andrew Symonds

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

When Andrew Symonds was sent home from the World ICC Twenty20 in June 2009 it was foreseen by all as the end of his international cricketing career. The reason for his exile from the Australian team in the World ICC Twenty20 was for violating a clause in his personal contract with Cricket Australia (CA) that prohibited him from drinking. Cricket Australia had no other choice, but to send him home.

It is speculated that the Australian all-rounder will announce his retirement from international cricket on Wednesday.

His retirement may actually be a blessing in disguise for him. There are a several franchises and teams who would be thrilled to have him in their team.  The Pro20 franchises in South Africa have expressed their interest and if Symonds is interested, he could earn a fortune playing in South Africa.

Deccan Chargers, the champions of IPL2009 had already made it very clear that they would retain the services of Andrew Symonds no matter what.

Queensland Cricket has also expressed their support to Symonds and seeking to have him in their team.

England is also looking forward to having Symonds as part of the English County cricket.

All in all, the statistics suggest that Symonds has nothing to lose, but loads to gain, money-wise.

However, cricket lovers all over the world will definitely love to see Andrew Symonds turn over a new leaf, quit drinking and continue to play for Australia. Let’s wish him the very best!

T20 World Cup is near

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Now it’s the season for T20 world cup matches. The day at which we are eagerly looking into, is June 5th, the inauguration day of the world cup.

There is a talk that the spirit of T20 world cup has been struck down by the IPL matches. This may be because the IPL was conducted with high promotions and lots of advertisements. It attracted people from all over the world, since it is the second largest “money making” sport.

Anyway, this T20 world cup will be of the same importance for Indians as they are the current champions. Let’s have a look at the T20 schedule:

World Cup matches moved out of Pakistan

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Pakistan has been stripped of hosting rights for the 2011 World Cup because of the “uncertain security situation” in the country, the ICC said.
“It is a regrettable decision (but) our number one priority is to create certainty and…deliver a safe, secure and successful event,” ICC president David Morgan said in a statement.
The ICC added that Pakistan was unlikely to resume hosting any cricket at all until 2011. It also said the World Cup secretariat would be moved out of Pakistan to a location to be decided by the organising committee. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the other co-hosts, will now share the 16 matches that were to be held in Pakistan.

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