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In Pursuit Of the Numero Uno

Hi Kinshuk,
Thank you very much for your feedback. I beg to differ to your comments that Sachin is poor against South Africa and Pakistan. Sachin has scored at 42.28 against Pakistan and 35.35 against South Africa. In South Africa and Pakistan, Sachin scored 39.76 and 40.25 respectively which isnt as bad as Ricky Ponting’s measly 20.85 in India.

Now your next comment was “Ponting is an outstanding captain”; let’s see that too in perspective

Let’s see his performance as a captain when Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist and Hayden where there and after their stint

Till date Ponting has won 38 test matches out the 59 tests he captained, which is rather impressive. we will overlook the retirement of Hayden and Warne. let’s see how Ricky Ponting performed as a captain after the retirement of McGrath and Gilchrist .

Since Ponting took over the captaincy and till McGrath’s retirement match – Australia played 40 Tests and had won 30 , lost just 3 and drawn 7.

After McGrath retired – Australia played 24 tests till date and won 11,lost 7 and drawn 6 , which looks good but no way near to the above .

After Hayden’s retirement, Australia played 6 test matches and won 2, lost 2 and drawn 2 .

This is the performance chart of a team, who have twice replicated the feat of winning 16 tests consicutively. These stats are just to prove that Ponting is not the best captain ever though he posses good leadership skills. He needs to learn from Sourav Ganguly on how to get the maximum from the rookies.

Hope this reply have clarified all your queries.

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